Monday, May 18, 2020

Left Coast Correspondent: Chinese Propagation of Coronavirus to Globe Through International Flights Likely a Deliberate Calculation

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2 MIN READ - The Cautious Optimism Correspondent for Left Coast Affairs and Other Inexplicable Phenomena offers a yet-unproven but highly viable theory to explain why the Chinese Communist Party allowed unrestricted international flights to leave Wuhan even as travel within China was locked down to contain the domestic spread of the Wuhan coronavirus:

General Jack Keane (ret.)

"Post-pandemic, there needs to be a comprehensive strategy in dealing with [what] China has done… …actually growing a pandemic from an epidemic by permitting international flights out of the country," [Chairman of the Institute for the Study of War Jack] Keane said.”

“The retired general theorized that China allowed the virus to spread because Chinese President Xi Jinping wanted to neutralize the advantage other countries could have gained while China struggled with the outbreak.”

“He doesn't care about loss of life. He cares about the economic contraction that was experienced in his country. And he wanted the other countries to go through that same economic contraction as he was going through," Keane said. "And he was hoping that he would recover sooner than they did. That's what this is about. And he's got to be held accountable for that."

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(Left Coast Correspondent’s comment) While no evidence is available to the outside that Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party leadership calculated to deliberately allow the virus to spread across the globe and place the rest of the world at the same economic disadvantage China was experiencing, such a sinister decision would be perfectly consistent with Beijing’s inexplicable and contradictory domestic and international "containment" policies.

Within the first few weeks or even days of Wuhan’s lockdown it’s impossible for the CCP leadership not to have realized its epidemic controls would inflict immense damage on their economy. They also would have quickly realized the virus and the economic consequences of fighting it might stay with them for a long time, perhaps years. China’s own scientists and economists aren’t stupid and it would be naive to think they didn't put two and two together very early.

Therefore, knowing that the Chinese economy was “going down,” Keane theorizes Beijing made a calculated decision that “If our economy is going down, we’re going to make sure the rest of the world goes down with us so that we maintain our number two position in the world.” A regime determined to level the playing field by dragging everyone down to their disadvantaged level, no matter how low the playing field would go, would have done exactly what China did.

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