Thursday, February 20, 2020

Left Coast Affairs Correspondent: "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump" at Your Local SF Bookstore

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The Cautious Optimism Correspondent for Left Coast Affairs and Other Inexplicable Phenomena’s attention was grabbed by a bookshop storefront next to his favorite San Francisco burger joint. Yes, that's real beef—the SF Board of Supervisors hasn’t mandated 100% locally sustainable tofu patties... yet.

Out front of Green Apple Books near Golden Gate Park was the typical genus of publications marketed to the enlightened and totally sane San Francisco inmates, including this gem on the outdoor shelves:

"The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President." (click photos to enlarge)

Looking at some of the chapter names it seems like the writers might have a real shot at winning either a Nobel Peace Prize or an even more credible appearance on The View with Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Greta Thunberg.

This book also makes a strong case that TDS has reached permanent brain damage proportions among many in the academic community. For example, in a 2017 Salon interview the book’s editor Bandy X. Lee, MD warned Americans about the existential threat to humanity posed by a President Donald Trump by anticipating “our survival as a species may be at stake.”

She also recently diagnosed attorney Alan Dershowitz via television shows as suffering from “shared psychosis… …contagion of symptoms, usually delusions of persecution“ (a description that might just better fit academics who fret that “our survival as a species may be at stake?”) for defending Trump during impeachment proceedings, despite never having met or interviewed him.

Lee also included Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan in her “shared psychosis” telecommuter diagnosis, all of it incidentally an ethical violation of the American Psychological Association's "Goldwater Rule" against diagnosing a patient she hasn't examined. All 27 contributors to her book are guilty of violating the Goldwater Rule as well.

Other contributors include left-wing sage emeritus Noam Chomsky who famously cheered on the Cambodian Khmer Rouge’s 1975 overthrow of the U.S-backed Lon Nol regime as a democratic people’s movement. Shortly afterwards Chomsky cast aside reports of mass killings as right-wing propaganda, and when later faced with the undeniable deaths of 25% of the Cambodian population at the hands of the Khmer Rouge he about-faced and blamed the U.S. military’s B-52 bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail for enabling the people’s movement to succeed in the first place.

More recently Chomsky flew to Caracas to praise Hugo Chavez and tell him personally before a live broadcast how “I can see how a better world is being created and can speak to the person who’s inspired it.”

A full list of Chomsky gaffes is too long to mention here, but we should sit up and take notice anyway—because he’s applying the great sum of his political wisdom to save us now from the greater threat of Donald Trump. After all Chomsky praised Hugo Chavez and the Khmer Rouge but now he warns us Trump is the real catastrophe so think how bad we must really have it.

Not seen in the photos is “Part 5: Humanity's Perpetuation and Survival” with essays warning of everything from the danger of a Trump-launched nuclear war to environmental Armageddon.

But remember, it’s Trump who has the mental issues, not these academic health experts who are clearly of sound mind. And local San Franciscans who fill their shelves with these books are the self-professed enlightened and educated class who exemplify sanity as well.

ps. Barnes and Noble’s website offers praise for “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” from mentally balanced reviewers such as MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, and “[I] fear for America” left-wing journalist Bill Moyers who still defends Dan Rather in the forged National Guard documents 2004 CBS scandal but forewarns us that American democracy under Trump will die “from too many lies.”

Washington Post book critic Carlos Lozada and the former head of the Psychiatry Department at the University of California San Francisco round out the fair-minded reviewers.

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