Tuesday, February 4, 2020

San Francisco's "Poop Patrol" Chief Arrested by FBI on Bribery, Corruption Charges as Human Feces Complaints and Homeless Budget Both Soar to New Heights

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1 MIN READ - The Cautious Optimism Correspondent for Economic Affairs and Other Egghead Stuff takes a breather from his healthcare series… to hold his breath scrutinizing something altogether unhealthy.

As a longtime resident of San Francisco, the COCEA has long been skeptical of endless new taxes that each time promise to finally “fix” the liberal mecca's perpetual homeless and poop/syringe problem.

Yet in 2018 the city’s voters passed Proposition C, levying a 0.5% gross receipts tax on San Francisco businesses to raise hundreds of millions more dollars to spend on the homeless problem atop the previous baseline hundreds of millions already being spent. The then-forecast new $750 million budget would surpass a mindboggling $100,000 in city money spent per homeless individual.

Well it's been over a year and surprise! The evidence shows the yet-again inflated budget hasn’t achieved anything other than fund graft and fraud that has funneled taxpayer dollars into the pockets of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats (read about FBI bust below).

And what about the human waste? San Francisco's “Poop Patrol” city employees earn $185,000 in total annual compensation while the feces has piled even higher. But wait, we hear that another huge, progressive tax hike will this time truly lick the problem (not literally, we hope).

And how about a little insight into the progressive mindset on this issue? During the 2018 elections the COCEA's Facebook feed was flooded with Prop C ads. In response to comments that "There's no accountability, the money will be wasted just like all the previous budgets," San Francisco progressives consistently replied (paraphrasing) "I don't give a damn if it works. Corporations got their Trump tax cut. We're taking back what's ours."

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