Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Left Coast Correspondent: Video Reveals San Francisco Residential Parking Woes

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A Tenderloin alleyway

1 MIN READ - As CO readers know, the Cautious Optimism Correspondent for Left Coast Affairs and Other Inexplicable Phenomena is quite familiar with the People's Republic of San Francisco. So here's a good one minute visual of what a $4,000-month one bedroom gets you.

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Utilities not included but sewage is free, pets not allowed but no shortage of two-legged strays looking for a home.

The Left Coast Correspondent feels it necessary to point out that many parts of San Francisco remain fabulously beautiful and that this alleyway looks like the city's worst of the worst—likely the notorious Tenderloin District or possibly 6th Street south of Market.

However the problem is spreading.

Even before the Covid came to the Bay Area tents were springing up near Japantown, and since the pandemic exploded tent cities and needle-littered sidewalks have dotted the once well-decorated Castro District.

The Left Coast Correspondent's more high dollar area is so far untouched, but city officials have given their blessing to homeless tent cities in his district albeit a good twelve blocks away in a commercial corridor, safely out of sight of the rich liberals' mansions.

Nevertheless, this is what decades of liberal/socialist policies have reduced the beautiful City by the Bay to. And remember, San Francisco liberals and progressives never promised they would simply "keep up" with cities in red states. Rather they set out to demonstrate that true enlightened left-wing values could produce a society beyond anything conservatives imagined possible.

No question they've done that.

ps. First thought that passes through conservative/libertarian's mind upon viewing: "My God, what a sewer San Francisco has become!"

First thought that passes through San Francisco liberal's mind upon viewing: "Is the BMW driver white? Yes, we can accuse him of callously honking due to his white privilege!"

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