Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Left Coast Correspondent: Wokeness and Coronavirus is a Dangerous Combination

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The Cautious Optimism Correspondent for Left Coast Affairs and Other Inexplicable Phenomena views the combination of wokeness and coronavirus (actually wokeness and reality) as a dangerous combination.

San Francisco progressives fight racism (and spread virus particles) in a deadly display of wokeness

CO has already reported that San Francisco city officials have placed the city in a soft-lockdown (aka. “shelter at home”) to maximize social distancing and minimize spread of the deadly Wuhan virus.

The Left Coast Correspondent doesn’t agree with much San Francisco City Hall does but thinks the restrictions make sense in these historic times. Given what the world is witnessing in Europe right now, at the very minimum it’s a prudent precaution.

So perhaps San Francisco government officials shouldn’t have been engaged in and encouraging large protest marches against coronavirus-racism just two weeks ago.

When positive cases of the virus had already popped up all over the Bay Area, city officials were out displaying their wokeness and calling for large crowds against bigotry to get even larger.

How many closely packed protesters, screaming political slogans at the top of their lungs into one another's faces, were passing the bug onto their fellow woke warriors? Just to become another positive test weeks later?

Or just as bad, how many were infected that we'll never know about, but who've since silently spread the disease to others?

The San Francisco Chronicle reported “’Fight for science, not rumors,’ the demonstrators cried out.”

I can’t think of a more ironic rallying cry given that by the time of the protest science had already established that the virus was transmitted through the air among people in close proximity to one another.

“’Standing in solidarity with our Chinese American community & against racism & xenophobia,’ wrote [California State Senator and former San Francisco Supervisor Scott] Wiener. ‘Coronavirus is a serious public health threat. It’s not an invitation to racial stereotyping.’"

Yes well, it's also an invitation to exponential infection growth when you call on hundreds of people to be squeezed together like sardines… yelling and spitting over one another to prove their varying degrees of wokeness in a giant progressive rite of passage.

Details from the San Francisco Chronicle here:


But San Francisco’s lunacy pales in comparison to the wokeness plague that has struck Northern Italy.

In early February as Italy continued to allow flights to land from China unabated, even as the world knew the Covid-19 virus was spreading outside Asia, the progressive mayor of the northern city of Florence deemed racism against Chinese the greater threat to public safety than the deadly virus itself.

To fight the real enemy Mayor Dario Nardella publicly instructed all residents to find random Chinese on the street and hug them to fight bigotry and xenophobia.

The Chinese Communist Party was so touched by the mayor’s campaign to combat prejudice against ethnic Chinese that it praised his gesture on its government-run website


Amazingly, given what is now the undeniably stunning backwardness of the “hug a Chinese” movement, the CCP still hasn’t contemplated removing the feelgood story from the Internet, preserving the absurdity and tragedy for all to see.

Now Northern Italy is the new world epicenter of coronavirus infections and deaths. Victims are being turned away from hospitals to go home and die due to insufficient resources.

368 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours, on a per-capita basis the equivalent of over 2,000 Americans a day.

Italian authorities are having difficulty picking up the bodies which are lying in private homes in slow states of decay.

So as the left-progressives relentlessly push their agenda without the slightest re-examination or scrutiny of their dogma, the rest of us should remember... wokeness kills. Literally.

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