Friday, June 14, 2024

2023: San Francisco Shoppers Finding Human Waste in Downtown Mall Elevators

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"Shoppers are getting a foul surprise."
-KGO Channel 7 San Francisco

"Must've been those San Francisco white supremacists again."
-Cautious Optimism Left Coast Correspondent

Admittedly this story is a year old, but the Left Coast Correspondent has visited this downtown mall many times and it's an absolutely beautiful building.


Not only is the mall now 90% vacant, an eerie ghost town inside, but evidently some locals have found the privacy of its elevators a convenient place to pay fertile tribute to San Francisco's successful left-progressive policies.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who defunded the police in 2020 and is now backpedaling to keep her job in November, has proposed tearing down the mall and replacing it with a soccer stadium.

At least the local tribute will be better for grass than elevator flooring.

Watch more on KGO News below.

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