Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Pro-LGBT Apple Investing in Indonesia, Where Gays Are Publicly Caned

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Tim Cook in... Jakarta?
Cautious Rockers might remember Apple’s condemnation of North Carolina’s “bathroom bill” that mandated biological males can’t use women’s restrooms in government buildings. Apple slammed the “hate bill,” froze its plans for a giant business campus outside Raleigh, and signed with 67 other companies supporting a lawsuit urging the Justice Department to block the legislation.

This week the San Francisco Bay tech giant announced it’s investing more in Indonesia and eyeing the country for a new manufacturing factory. Read at:

Indonesia is a country that doesn’t recognize gay marriage, criminalizes public display of LGBT grooming or behavior, and whose courts sentence gays to public canings that draw large crowds. See court sentencing "offenders" and caning at:

ps. Another Bay Area tech giant, Google, went further by boycotting North Carolina altogether… all while having operated a major software development office in Djakarta for years. And Facebook also operates an office in Djakarta, citing its 115 million-strong Indonesian user base, whose "hate" they evidently have no problem with. See offices at:

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