Saturday, December 9, 2023

San Francisco Thieves Drive into a CVS, Take ATM

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The Cautious Economics Correspondent for Economic Affairs may be experiencing one of CO's own "Magnificent Mile smash and grab" moments. 

(anyone remember that?)

The Correspondent's bicycle route through his better-than-average neighborhood has taken him by this San Francisco CVS countless times, but on Thursday night a few of the local residents (from Nextdoor)...

"...stole a truck and crashed it into the front entrance. They backed their van up and took the ATM."

(see pic below)

Of course San Francisco has many progressive holdouts who, like Baghdad Bob, insist that nothing has changed or gotten worse in their city while simultaneously suggesting poor people have no choice but to steal entire ATMs:

"I hate to tell you but this kinda of smash grab is nothing new. But I agree with the no accountability. Desperate people do desperate things."

Assuming for the moment Bay Area Baghdad Bob is right, that leads to a logical question: If decades of San Francisco left-progressive socialist policies are so successful then why are so many of its residents so desperate?

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