Monday, October 16, 2023

Next-Level TDS: Blaming Trump for Obama/Biden Fed Appointees

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Next level TDS comment and reply on finance story "The Fed's next 'rate hike' has already arrived."

Timmy: "I am sick and tired of Fed Society Puppets in the Fed raising interest Rates on working class Debt and rewarding the Price Gougers who own them. Biden should FIRE all these Trump trickle down clowns NOW"

Cautious Optimism Economics Correspondent: "Eight of the twelve Federal Open Market Committee members (who vote on interest rate policy) were appointed by Biden or Obama. The ninth, Jerome Powell, was appointed to the FOMC by Obama in 2012, appointed Federal Reserve Chairman by Trump and a Republican senate in 2018, and reappointed by Biden and a Democratic senate in May 2022 (when inflation was raging at its peak)."

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