Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Houston Randall’s Grocery Store Convinces Boris Yeltsin to Leave the Soviet Communist Party

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Before we say goodbye to the November 100th anniversary of the communist Bolshevik Revolution, CO has decided to take a slightly different path from recounting the deaths, suffering, and famine under the early Lenin regime and nightmarish Stalin dictatorship. Instead we ask "How were things going in the Soviet Union near its end--after the Communist Party had spent over 70 years ironing out the details of the Workers’ Paradise utopia?"

Boris Yeltsin certainly formed his own opinions about how the Soviet economic model was performing in 1989—right after he visited NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. But it wasn’t the American space age technology that impelled him to leave the CPSU but an impromptu visit to the nearby Randall’s supermarket afterwards.

The frozen Jell-O pudding pops in the ice cream aisle woke Yeltsin up to hard truths about communism and economic central planning—lessons that thousands of Marxist and communist university professors in the USA and Europe still haven’t grasped today.

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