Sunday, January 1, 2017

Comment to the CORCA on David Depape's political affiliation and illegal alien status

Not only your well-researched list Marty, but also the San Francisco Chronicle reported Depape's last known political affiliation was with the far-left Green Party, the folks who consider Democrats to be far-right corporate sellouts.

Many national media sources have cited the San Francisco Chronicle's story but completely buried mention of the Green Party affiliation, preferring to cherry pick just the parts of the story that are useful to their agenda/narrative.

Imagine if Depape was a Republican Party member or something right of that. Do you think the media would be burying THAT tidbit of information? Nope, it would be national news headlines for weeks, right alongside “Trump ordered him to do it in return for rigging the 2016 election.”

Also it looks like Depape is an illegal alien. A Canadian, he entered the USA 20 years ago for a standard six-month tourist visit and never left, and never applied for an extension. So unless he married an American he's an illegal.

Don't expect that to get reported either. UNLESS Fox or the WSJ pick up on it in which case we can expect the mainstream to pounce within 24 hours with a "fact check" to debunk anything troublesome to their propaganda crusade.

Links to Green Party and illegal status stories below...

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